Cuppa Tea Time: Green tea in green 'edges' cup

February 17, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

While not a hard and fast rule, ‘hump day’ often involves a teacup sketch!

Some cups are harder to sketch than others, and this green cup (purchased for my SketchingNow Edges Course) is one that is often a struggle. The light colours, subtle flutes are a challenge I enjoy, but the shape of the cup (cylindrical) and the large saucer often throw me a bit. Ah! that is why I keep drawing teacups… they never become really easy for me to sketch.

I am really into green tea at the moment, and have really broken my addiction to earl grey tea. This means I use different cups – like this one – which suit green tea better. It is funny how I get hooked on black leaf tea, and although I love green tea tend to neglect it totally when I get into a big EGT mood. So I have to force a limit on myself in order to re-discover how much better it is to drink green tea. Is that the case for anyone else as well?

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