Cuppa Tea Time: Borrowed Colclough cup

August 18, 2017 | 9 Comments

I had hoped to share my big ‘Chicago/ Montreal Reflections’ article today, but there are just too many projects making demands on me at the moment, so it is not quite ready to go.

Instead I will simply share a teacup sketch (something that has become a rarity this year).

My mum and dad have temporarily moved into a furnished flat near me, and the ‘furnishings’ include a china cabinet which includes among other china, four different teacups. So guess who has borrowed one, or two of them?

As much as I love my morning latte sketches (this is a photo from this week), nothing beats sketching my teacup while I am drinking from it.



  • Emily says:

    I’ve missed the teacup sketches! Glad to see one. 🙂

  • Shari says:

    When I see your teacup sketches it makes me think you are relaxing. That may not be true but I like to imagine that.

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Shari! yes and no! I used to sketch teacups when I was overwhelmed but its definitely true that while I am actually sketching the teacup (10 minutes of my day) yes I am in a relaxed state. 😀 These days when I relax I normally don’t sketch at all.

  • Jo-Christy Brown says:

    I am really pleased to see a new teacup sketch… These were my first introduction to your work and a great inspiration for me! Anytime I feel too intimidated draw or paint… i make a cup of tea..and sketch it! Thank you Ms. Steele…….

    For your inspiration! And, talent!

  • CB says:

    I love your tea cups. Do you have a video of you painting one in detail?

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks CB. There might be a few sped up ones in my vlogs from last year. Otherwise the only ones are inside courses. In particular my SketchingNow edges course. There is also a detailed demo in Sketchbook Skool’s urban sketching course – my week just finished and not sure if enrollment is still open or when they will run it again.

  • Love this! I am so overwhelmed with the demands on my time at present, and to have stumbled across this just now makes me feel happy (even if only momentarily! 😉 ) Such a lovely image to express such a simple idea … the pleasure of a cuppa tea!

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