Colour diet (of 3 colours) starts

October 8, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Been waiting for my paints to dry before starting my colour diet- but it is on now!

A few initial thoughts
1. I know that I can mix an amazing range of colours with my triad but it does take longer
2. Feeling that I am getting a lot of murky mixes in my palette although all ok on the page
3. Hard to keep my colours clean (hence the second yellow pan!)
4. My water is SO dirty!
5. Think that points 2-4 will improve as I get more efficient at mixing
6. Not so happy with mixing all my colours so much – maybe look at more layering of my washes?
7. Miss my granulating effects!
8. Was more concerned about mixing than controlling my wetness

Note: I have a earth triad in my kit as well – but I only used my primary one (vertical row on the right side) consisting of:
DS Hansa Yellow Med
DS Carmine
DS Ultramarine Blue


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