Catching up of Everyday in May

May 18, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Yes, I have been slack about posting here again…

so here is last weeks pages.

A few months ago I had the idea to focus my people sketching on the clothes they are wearing since as a teenager I spent a lot of time drawing outfits and an imaginary wardrobe.

I had real fun drawing these from a reference fashion sketching book… I have made them ‘Liz sketches’ by the colours I used!(my friends will probably have realized this straight away!) I am quite happy with this and got a bit of buzz doing it – though I am not sure that I would wear the coat on the right!

Don’t know why I did these all green…

Very quick sketches during my lunchbreak….I need to be more careful when I do eyes.

I really love this book – the variety of faces is wonderful. I am using this as warmups for sketching on location and therefore work as quickly as I can.

I kinda forgot that this paper isn’t great with watercolour and you only get one go! Therefore we have a serious case of overworking happening on this spread…
but hey its may… and we all post it anyway!

Mixing it up ( my last building sketch was a LONG time ago…)
The people in the foreground, looking like people rather than blobs is the main point of the exercise. The building is secondary! (Now I have NEVER said that before!?!)

I did this late Monday night and posted early Tuesday morning as today is my busy day at work

BTW, photo from Rome Baroque church just near the forum SS Luca Martina I think!

I am on a roll… even on a non stop day like today was I still managed a quick page late at night during a cuppa!

Another spread of quick sketches… including a funny face. Mark Simon’s book is 95% people pulling faces. I have only been doing the simple mug shots so far. Just when I was about to get back to work I realised that I had missed a page – better remedy that straight away!

Ok… here is a really rough ‘working page’… done in ink with no pencil to the sketches in the pink area (I think pencil would have been a good idea!)

As the notes on the page indicate I had a plan of doing something different and drawing some legs/feets today at lunch … but when I went to ‘read up’ first, while eating my lunch, I was a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of the pages in JH’s book. There are 18 pages!!!! Hence the quick sketches posted earlier – instead.

There is something about Wednesdays in May… feeling like this is all too hard again (but I still managed 3 pages!) And next week I start Kate Johnson’s class on Watercolour Pencils…

So tonight I took a drastic step!!! I removed some of the pages remaining in my book (sits better now due to the slight buckling of paper) and now I can ONLY do one page. I know the number of pages is not an issue…but I did want to fill the whole book – now I will!

My one page spread for today -incorporating the result of my Jack Hamm research last night and a quick sketching while waiting for my lunch. Sketching people in cafes is really quite addictive… There is a certain thrill associated with gauging how quickly they will get up and move and also not getting caught sketching!

I don’t know why … But I am having terrible trouble with my noodlers ink lately – it normally does not run like this!

Another busy day tomorrow…so got this one done early (only an hour short of finishing on the allotted day!)

I have to admit that my first attempt wasn’t successful so I did a second version on one of the pages I pulled out yesterday and stuck it in.

Inspired by Paris Breakfast post…

Although I wear the big scarf all the time (not shown)I am afraid that I am never going to achieve Paris style as missing Converse-like shoes (do they come in brown?), the jeans (I am a skirt girl) and the big bag (my bag is heavy enough when it is small!)

Here is a really quick sketch that I did this morning – would have made a great photo with the couple backlit with sun against the shadows of the gothic building… doing a quick sketch of it is quite another thing!

My page for the 17th
My goal for the coming week is to focus a bit more on the colouring aspects – I am ending up with some murky faces when I add watercolour. Using a book that I borrowed from the library. Don’t really like the work in it but so good tips. THis treatment of hair I remember from the first time I borrowed it

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