Can't stop experimenting!

April 23, 2014 | 2 Comments

Sketchbooking loose paper tests …..
Of course the first sketch I do on new paper is a tea cup one! And I know the idea of loose sheets of paper is so that I can do something with it (ie. part with it) but this one I stuck in my sketchbook…hopeless I know!

A tea present and granulating experiments

Trying new ideas on new paper:
Last night I did something quite different… this was a completely different approach from my usual. No setup lines of any kind (including an lines made with the paint brush!)and working a background first … I am a bit excited about this – more so because of the thought process and idea that clicked than just the resultant image. (the ideas are more than just the 2 techniques mentioned above!) There was some testing of the paper in this as well so I am keen to have another go with a little more mindfulness for every brush stroke.

I am ALWAYS doing a lot of art reading and research. Looking at many books and at DVDs… often I look at stuff and say ‘i wish I could do that’. I haven’t quite worked out how to absorb in and integrate it into my own work… that is the big challenge!

I think sometimes you just have to wait for the right timing. I have been trying a lot of different things lately and last night a number of them clicked together!

A discussion over coffee with a sketching friend today.. and a great new book (Urban Watercolor Sketching by Felix Scheinberger)…..

AND I have another new idea of a different way to work….so time for the old faithful yellow cup to pose for another crazy watercolour experiment! This is more about working method rather than the application of the paint…but I am not quite sharing that yet!

Sometimes I just wish my brain would be content to have a few days off… is hard to keep up with all the ideas that are bouncing off the wall at the moment!

Link to book


  • Liz Steel says:

    yay! that is so fantastic – keep it up and never be embarrassed! Just learn to love the process of sketching!

  • So awesome to see your enthusiasm, Liz. It is catching too…I've even done a few sketchbook pages, though nothing as pretty as your work. I tend to embarrass myself and the sketchbook gets put back on the shelf for awhile.

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