Brazil Trip 01: The Journey

September 14, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Well, let’s get cracking with the scanning and posting from my Brazil trip – and to start with the travel pages.

And what better way to start with the sketch I did of my art kit. All went to plan with what I took although I did take the wrong blue watercolour pencil (Cobalt rather than Ultramarine) which annoyed me a little.

I ended up at one stage with 7 fountain pens in my page And my spare pans where not prepared long enough in advance and I had a bit of a disaster. Wasn’t a big deal as i never actually needed them – the paint in my kit was enough to get me through with only one colour (MA Natural Sienna) that I needed to replace.

My ‘all packed’ sketch of my suitcase was extremely loose… a sign of things to come on the trip perhaps?

I don’t actually enjoy sketching during my long haul flights – but I do it to fill in a little time and to get me in the mood for sketching for the whole trip. It is the desire to record every part of my adventure that pushes me through the uninteresting nature of sketching plane interiors.

What is more fun is drawing cafes in the airport ….

or trying to work out what my sleep strategy should be – this trip was a lot shorter for me than when I head to Europe.

A brief stop in Auckland airport ….

and then I had to record the spare two seats next to me (of course I only had one of these seats as the man on the other end of the row used the other one) One of the rare times when I use a waterbrush… and as always regret it.

Filling in 4 hours in Santiago airport Chile – not feeling great but still I sketch…
 and another ho hum plane sketch.

Ok…next post will start to get more interesting!

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