BCN.UK.2013: Wed 17- Part 2 A teacrawl!

August 31, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Wasn’t at all scheduled but the rest of the day  (after our morning at Casa Mila) was a little sketching in between cups of tea (3 x good cups of tea)


Actually the intent was to try to sketch all those things that were so much a part of our stay in BCN that we hadn’t yet gotten on paper… in particular we were thinking of some shops and some street scenes of the Barrio Gothic area. However we needed a cool drink- saw a sign for frozen coffee and went into a great cafe (Dibar cafe), with a view of a shop front AND also sold tea!

We then met up with Marc and Laurel Holmes in El Born area – I did a few quick sketches before heading off to afternoon tea…. you can see it was non stop sketching and socializing (and spending time on my phone sorting it all out!). View of the rear of Santa Maria del Mar and a shop Gemma in El Born.

Back at Caj Chai for second time- this occasion was a catch up with ea from Denmark! Wonderful time and wonderful tea.

Then I had to rush up north to meet up with Swasky to give him a gift and get him sign my copy of his Enjoy Gaudi book – while I waited for him I drew me tea (on the map page!) – also nice to see Miguel and Cesar again – 3 of the local team that worked SO hard making the symposium a great success. I was intending to colour my page of purchases and gifts but I think it is more appropriate to live it as lines since that is all I got time for at the time.

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