ANZAC Day sketching in the city

May 3, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Still catching up – my sketches from ANZAC Day – 25 April. I spent the morning at home and then headed into town in the afternoon (after the march had finished).

I have sketched this building a number of times…I am done with it now! I had fun overlaying my working sketches of the details before doing the ‘real’ sketch. I must say, I do like drawing in different colour pens….

First attempt of 3 of the Sydney Opera House done on loose paper rather than my sketchbook.

Second Version. I am warmed up now but a little frustrated that my paper is not larger in size…

Even more loose (and careless?) Splashing on the paint and really really wishing I had a larger pad of paper… I will try again soon.

Wasn’t really in the mood for much sketching all afternoon flat out (like I normally do) so I ended up in Kinokkuniya bookstore roaming the shelves (and not buying anything)… the kids section has the best views of Town Hall and QVB…so here is Town Hall. There was a staff member nearby so I didn’t attenpt any sneaking of paint… so decided to leave it B&W.

Quick dinner before I headed off to my church for the Wednesday night prayer meeting. I am trying to do more cafe/restaurant interiors these days. Certainly more interesting than just food sketches.





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