EDiM2012 1-3: Let's try Every Day in May again!

May 4, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Well it is time to catch up.. so I will start with my Everyday in May images so far.

Started a new sketchbook (number 50!!! of my daily sketchbooks ie. not including the 30 odd holiday or special project sketchbooks) and on the first spread mapped out the month so I know when I have to do what when. I also (just fur fun) worked out which days I could get away with a tea related sketch… I might not do this!!!
Also please note I am using a different sized sketchbook- a square version of my standard Jasart Premium sketchbook. The smaller size will be a challenge!

EDiM 01 Landscape – take 1
First day, first attempt at doing something different… and not at very happy with the result. Because it is a smaller sketchbook I am planning on doing more full page images and I also hope to doing a little experimentation. My watercolour looked very colouring-in-ish so I add cross hatching and WC pencil.

BTW this is an abstract of the roof’landscape’ view from my desk at work.

EDiM 01 Landscape – take 2
I really wanted to do a real landscape…so I did a second page at night looking through some old photo albums… I am rather happy with the two landscapes with no ink.
Monument Valley …ah!! would love to go back
Granada Spain (oops reflex action to start drawing with ink!)…I didn’t have any Spanish landscapes only townscapes
Glen Coe, Scotland midday in mid winter… amazing colour in the photo!

EDiM 02 A new Years Resolution
Can read the text… I had to celebrate a delightful package from Anita Davies. More later about the contents. Look..no ink lines to that cup.

EDiM 03 Free Choice
Very very predictable subject matter – a cuppa and some Baroque-ish architecture.
But… a few different things…no ink to my cup (again!!!..wow! I am enjoying this!) and the building is not in Rome…or Europe but in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
I was just experimenting with minimum lines, ink later and struggling a little with the composition on the small page of this sketchbook.

Anyway… the reason for this particular building is that this is the main cathedral in Santo Domingo and I will be teaching a workshop with Frank Ching at the 3rd Urban Sketchers Symposium in July. Our workshop is centred around this building – more details here. I don’t want to look at photos of it too much beforehand, as I don’t want to spoil the excitement of my first initial response to it, and for that reason, I was very sketchy with this sketch and didn’t study the photo too closely. But I can say that I got rather excited about some aspects of the main facade. I hope to see as many of you there is possible…let me know if I will!!
if you are thinking about attending but haven’t signed up… PLEASE do!!! I am sure that it will be an amazingly inspiring event, like the previous 2 years… with so many sketchers there is just way too much creative energy!

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