Trip Prep SDQ Zona Colonial Map

June 27, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Ok… Here is something current….
Serious trip Prep
The first page I have started in my first sketchbook for my trip… Drawing a map of the Zona Colonial – this is the venue for the symposium and I have used this map to locate the various workshops and major places of interest (there is a fold out legend which I haven’t bothered to scan. This took my quite a while to do as I was combining a few versions (some maps label in English, some in Spanish so I am a little inconsistent… But you can’t notice that as it is on the legend!) I am arriving in Santo Domingo early (before everyone else?) so that I can explore and sketch in a relaxed manner (a what?) before the excitement of too many USkers in the one place begins.
Anyway…this has been the most useful exercise as I has given me a feel for the place -despite being riddled with mistakes!. I will continue to add to this if anything comes up now or in research I do on the plane. And add a little colour (warm grey to the blocks) etc
BTW, isn’t that quote great?

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