Summer Frocks

October 24, 2011 | 2 Comments

Today being a hot day 34C was the first day of my wearing a summer ‘frock’… I love the word ‘frock’ – it is so delightfully old fashioned….and as I have been told before I am a bit of an old fashioned girl.

So of course, with the hot weather, my mind today thought about sewing… In the past few years I have gone from having NO fabric to having quite a collection and also a number of similar (but significantly different) patterns. In recent years I have started to make my own dresses as the short strappy dresses in the shops are not to my liking, nor are suitable for my fair (highland Scottish fair) skin(the Australian sun is SOOOO vicious!) nor are they necessarily suitable for sketching(very very important!). I also now sew secret pockets into the dresses so they are suitable for travelling… Not that I am planning an exciting trip at the moment… Hmmm, WHERE am I to go over my summer holidays at Christmas time.

The fabric swatches at the base of the page are VERY loose interpretations… Now the big decision is which fabric to cut out first (and what pattern)…

My ambition this summer is to be able to wear a dress every day (actually, I can already do that …but I want some more sketching dresses so I can go out cool and comfortable in the heat!)


  • I'm always partial to a little number 5 dress (very Jackie O), with a plain fabric like your number 1 blue. But… that's just me – they all look quite divine, you'll have to tell us what you choose in the end! PS: how can you be soooooo multi-talented!!! sigh! 🙂 xx

  • Jo Reimer says:

    A lightweight cotton summer dress is perfect for hot days… just a veil of color between you and fresh air. Your illustration is lovely. I greatly admire your sketches.

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