Tea Cosies and Gothic Revival Revisited

March 28, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

I wanted to have another go at two sketches from Saturday… who cares if they wouldn’t normally be included in the same sketch. After all if baroque and tea cups go together who says tea cosies and gothic revival don’t as well?

I find it quite hard to sketch in my normal ‘go-for-it’ mode when I have been talking too much or I am in the company of an artist that I REALLY admire! Both were the case on Saturday… chatting away to everyone and to John Haycraft next to me.

So I decided to sketch the building this time – due to a headache at the present time it is rather more loose and scrappy than I had hoped for.

On the tea cosy side- as per last post, I have been struggling with sketching the multi coloured wool… so tonight I thought about how I should approach it beforehand (a novel concept for me!?!)


BTW, I am trying to keep my pans of paint in my palette nice and moist…and it makes such a difference to intensity of the colour on my page. Maybe this would help when using waterbrushes (a thing that I avoid whenever possible!)

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