110315 Tuesday sketches and bits

March 15, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

110315 Wanted - Gym Motivation
Now how many of you knew that I used to be addicted to going to the gym?

I do not really portray a totally balanced view of my life by what I choose to sketch – to think that I have NEVER sketched my sneakers/sandshoes/trainers/joggers (whatever you call them) before.

Despite my recent lack of motivation in recent times I still go to the gym MORE than I visit tearooms – honest!!!!
Very loose sketching today!

Thinking about Japan
110315 Thinking about Japan
The only thing Japanese I could think of to draw was my Japanese teaset – so I had a cup of Gen Mai Cha Bancha while thinking about the recent and ongoing disaster in Japan.
The distorted teapot of my sketch is nothing compared to the terrible tragedy!

Nuclear Reactor Research
110315 Nuclear Reactor Research
I hate trying to learn things through what is explained in the media. So I have done some research to at least have a better idea of what cores, control rods, meltdowns really are.

Still makes me concerned about what is actually in Japan at the moment!

And finally a photo from Saturday
110312 Sketching on the harbour bridge

here is a photo of where I was when I did that last sketch on Saturday. One of the simple joys of my life in the last year is discovering that I can easily incorporate a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge into many of my social engagements.
I wasn’t sure that the guard would like me sitting on my sketching stool but he didn’t notice and unfortunately disappeared – otherwise I would have asked him to take a photo. As you can see it was fairly quiet at the time I was sketching.

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