My sketch on the Great Garden Sketchabout Flyer

March 2, 2011 | 1 Comment


came in the mail today. A package from the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney with a pile of flyers for the Great Garden Sketchabout. It is not only exciting because seeing the event in print brings a certain realization to what should be a great event…but also because there is a sketch of mine on the top, and on the back, a wonderful sketch of Wendy,s of lotus leaves and Alissa’s special ‘James the snail’ crawling up the side of the page.

I wish some of my international sketching friends could be a part of this too!!! (It is not too late to organise a last minute flight to Sydney is it?)

And as for my local friends … please come along! You don’t have be ‘an artist’ but if you loved drawing as a kid this could be the chance to get back into it!!! You don’t have to show your work to anyone but it will be your unique mark on the page and that is special!!! It will be lots of fun to sit in the garden on a lovely autumn afternoon and enjoy the wonders of creation!

The details again… oh! I forgot to remind everyone that there is afternoon tea as well! Perfect!?!

From Saturday 12 March – 18 April, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will host a free afternoon Sketchabout. You can meet other sketch artists and chat to our Volunteer Guides about the sights in the Garden. The Restaurant will be offering a special lunch and an afternoon tea with a creation by Chef Hamish Watts that’s good enough to sketch (bookings essential). For more information visit Please also check out the BLOG!

1 Comment

  • Robyn says:

    Exciting indeed, Liz. I'm so sad I can come but I'm going to send a friend instead.

    It's wonderful to see a project like this starting out. I imagine it will become an annual part of the Sydney sketching scene. That way maybe I will make it one year.

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