My Grandma's funeral (and one of her teacups)

November 27, 2010 | 1 Comment


Sketch from the back seat of my car on the way up my grandma’s funeral. Not sure why I never got around to finishing this by adding the green to the passing scenery…

Wauchope Railway Bridge – view at lunch time. A quick sketch… I eat very fast which means that I have time to at least start a sketch while the others are still eating….

Trying not to think about the fact that this might be my last visit to this place… but I knew I just HAD to fnd some time to sneak away from the friends and family to do at least one sketch.

We went back to my grandma’s grave at the end of the day to check out what they did with the flowers – it was really nice to come back without everyone else… and of course I found it very calming to sketch while the others explored all the other relatives and friends buried nearby.

The side view was more interesting but I choose this view as it includes where my pa was buried as well. I hope to sketch the flowers from a photo later as they looked so nice in the afternoon sun.

As we left we saw 2 kangaroos hanging around- hope they don’t munch on flowers!

The words in green are from the Westminster Shorter Catechism – something that I learnt as a child and expresses the thoughts that I had at the time.

The was a shortage of beds for everyone so I volunteered to stay in a B&B… so of course I sketched my breakfast!!! Amazingly the owner of the B&B was a Scot so we had a great conversation about places – made me feel like I was on my big trip again – except for the sun, warm weather and noise of cicadas in the background!

A very nice cup that belonged to my Nanna.
Sometimes I find it hard to sketch when there is a lot happening at the time and I have a self imposed pressure in my head “This one has to be a good one”
Other times when I just go for it – the sketch often works better!
Thankfully I will have the chance to draw this again and do a better job.

The trip home….Sometimes I really don’t have time for a sketch… but that never stops me trying.

Also, I really dislike waterbrushes as it is so hard to get juicy mixes on the brush…so I try to use traditional brush and with my wee water jar… but maybe a bumpy section of road was a good time to use a waterbrush!

And to go back to my grandma – a page I did during the week

Was trying to find a gift or something that I had from my grandma…but couldn’t find anything. And then I thought about my old bible… falling apart, the stickers down the side have LONG gone… but it was nice to see my Nanna’s handwriting and some of my own attempts to write my name (funnily enough done in a brown pencil)

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