100515 Sketchcrawl 27

May 15, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

warning – long post today!!!!
Here are my sketches from the sketchcrawl today… I LOVE sketching…but all this scanning is a bit of a chore!
Needless to say it was a wonderful day!!!
And it also made me aware yet again how much I love my hometown and our stunning harbour. It was a big day for Sydeny – the harbour and the Opera House was the stage for the homecoming of Jessica Watson – 16yr old girl who has sailed around the world. We missed out on all the action – but there is no avoiding it on the TV!
100515 Sketchcrawl27_01 Summary
100515 Sketchcrawl27_02 Setting up for Jess
100515 Sketchcrawl27_03 Meeting
100515 Sketchcrawl27_04 Rocks1
100515 Sketchcrawl27_05 Rocks2
100515 Sketchcrawl27_06 Rocks3
100515 Sketchcrawl27_07 Lunch
100515 Sketchcrawl27_08 Customs House
100515 Sketchcrawl27_09 Afternoon Tea

And here are some photos – special thanks to Lisa for taking the photos of me in action.
100515 Rocks Sketching
100515 Sketchers and sketchbooks
100515 Custom House Sketching 01
100515 Custom House Sketching 03

I decided to post this photo too:
100515 Custom House Sketching 04
once again I have that classic sketchers squint expression – very flattering isn’t it?!? You can tell that I don’t take myself too seriously!
The non-sketching part of Sydney were taken up with Jessica Watson
100515 Jessica's homecoming

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