T2 tearoom visit with a friend!

April 3, 2010 | 2 Comments


It was so nice to hang out in T2 with Alissa today – we talked non stop (i think that I did more than my fair share!) and therefore was rather distracted and didn’t really concentrate on my sketches.

I was thinking about touching them up when I got home but have decided to leave them as they are- a record of how non focused I was on my sketching today. This is a lovely change – as much as I love my time on my own sketching cuppas it is more special to be socialable! And if you can sketch and be socialable at the same time….


  • Liz Steel says:

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, Autumn Leaves… yes the tearoom is very special. My scripture readings and notes are from my morning devotions before the day begins…so never quite sure what is going to be drawn next to it. It is a good way to remember the morning thought throughout the day.

  • AutumnLeaves says:

    Oh such fun pages and the scriptures are just fabulous. What a good way for a devotional while doing something you love. The furniture in that tea room looks just exquisitely exquisite!!

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