This Week: Lunchtime sketches and Luna Park

March 26, 2010 | Leave your thoughts


Tuesday: Brutalist Architecture strikes again

Rather than just go a block and half away to the Rest Park where I normally wander for a quick sketch, I went for a bigger walk to explore places further afield and find benches where I could sit to sketch. I then didn’t have much time to sketch… and ended up having to walk back to the office with the sketchbook open till the WET paint I splashed on dried….but still I go tout and had a nice walk!

So much for trying to control my looseness – this one was out of control!

Wednesday: The Rest Park from a Different Approach

I posted a version of this the other day on my Flickr- but the scan was so bad that I took it down. I then had two nights of not putting my computer on at home- it was wonderfully liberating – I had so much extra time… but tonight I am chained to my mac!?!

This week I was intending to get out of the office for longer so that I had more time for sketching – but this day (wednesday) I walked for about 30 minutes to get some exercise before starting. Ended up back at the Rest Park but entered from the opposite direction and it had a totally different feel. And it is quite different starting to sketch when the blood is pumping!

Thursday: My Chair

Explanation to the text on this spread

The biggest thing that I got out of Saturday’s workshop with John Haycraft is that I want to start controlling my looseness (but not lose spontaneity) and this week I did a number of very loose (too loose!) sketches which I haven’t bothered to scan (4 spreads in fact) and then this one…which was done purely to fill up a page. I suddenly feel dissatisfied with a lot of my work in this current book and wanted to start a new one – one in which I make a more conscious effort to slow down.

To quote from one of the pages that I am not bothering to post (just a loose food sketch on the page)

“I am sick of this book and keen to start a new one… All of a sudden I feel very dissatisfied with my work and really feel that I need to focus on QUALITY not quantity.”

A new book: My last book only took me 3 weeks to fill – that is TOO quick!

Trying hard(too hard?) to think of something different…

Today: Friday

Haven’t been out for lunch with my sketchbook for a few weeks – what better way to start a new book than with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

BTW1: the panel on the left side is the wallpaper and the flowers are from the pendant light fittings…though I changed the colour (must say, their cups don’t really go with the decor of the place- not like T2 tearoom which of course clashes wildly most of the time)

BTW2: the wallpaper is in fact a very uniform pattern- not all over the place or fading out like mine!?!

Last work Friday night before daylight saving (summertime) ends (well next week- Good Friday will be the last!) so went down to Milsons Point for a brisk walk and a sketch. Unfortunately the sun went behind a cloud just as I was starting to sketch (value sketch first of course!) and as a result of only a few moments of the nice lighting in my mind the result is a bit flat….
Lovely way to end the week though….

Milsons Point, Sydney

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