The full kit for my sketching trip to Canberra

March 9, 2010 | 4 Comments

The other half of my stuff… already thinking of making some adjustments…
(Not shown is my travelling ink pot!_

Also in response to Flickr questions….

As much as I love drawing it… sometimes photos tell the story better (though you can’t quite see the blu-tack holding the pans in place.) Thanks to Fred’s scrachings for the idea to remove the clips and add more colours!

I like to keep my palettes as clean as possible and try to mix the various colours in the same place all the time (when I was travelling I actually mixed a tiny bit of colour in each spot after I had cleaned it so that I worked more consistently – don’t need to do that these days – it is a habit now)


One thing for certain whenever I post something like this I also shortly after make a change….


  • Wonderful post and sketch! i love seeing what tools other people consider essential and how they tote them about. I started going back through your posts to see how you put your kit together and was captured by the Bible verses included in each sketch. I ended up wandering through the lot- what wonderful sketches and such a lovely expression of faith!!

  • Liz Steel says:

    Yes, I know it sounds crazy…I had the W&N kit first and then bought an empty Schminke tin to put some Daniel Smith paints in. I then realised the the Schminke tin is better than the W&N one as it has three mixing compartments in the top lid. Never tried Schminke paints but I hear good things about them.

  • Winsor and Newton in a schminke tin – well I never!

  • I always like to see how other artists draw or paint their materials or process!
    The Schminke paints are wonderful and the tin shown here is very good quality. I have a smaller schminke tin with good size wells, a little less bulky to throw in a purse or small bag. Just hard to find the schminke half pans to replace favorite colors – does anyone know where to get them? I used to get them in a Pearl Paint Store in New Jersey, but they no longer carry them.
    Maud Guilfoyle

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