Weekly T2 cuppa and some text pages

January 23, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

  Just in case you were worried that I went to T2 this morning without drawing my cup and pot… Here is the sketch.

I also sketched the gold floral design on the cup …and tonight I have added some colour and a bit of collage – this will be my ‘text page’ for tomorrow. I have discovered that I had a collection of digital pattern images – so I do a quick scan- play with the colour and print out. I am trying gain confidence of pushing the boundaries with patterns and colour… The remains of the Day course was great for getting me in that mode. The idea of mixed media and acrylic paint in my sketchbook for some reasons has never really grabbed me… but I am liking the patterned paper idea. It is also heading the right direction for adding all that stuff that is collected when on holidays but which I haven’t known how to incorporate.

Another text page!

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