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June 20, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

This blogpost is a summary of the highlights from a few months of sketching when I forgot to post here!

Nature Sketching


Here is my totally random page exploring the shrimp plant – once again I worked from right to left across the spread. I really struggled to work out how to draw this structure – I was sketching on the run and had a bit of difficulty working it all out. Another amazing flower!!!!

I felt like a dark green background – pity about all the text I was covering up – so the background is a bit of a disaster… But is part of the page and the way things are today! WC Pencils are great for scribbling and quick addition of colour.


Was going to try and do a more polished botanical study tonight but I am totally exhausted so instead I just pulled a flower apart in order to understand what I was drawing…and had lots of fun doing so – what an amazing creation flowers are!!! I don’t know anything about the parts so this is just a purely visual/structural analysis!

This demonstrates my usual type of over-working with WC pencils… I just find myself wanting to add strong shadows without realising what I was doing and then it gets confused with the markings.

BTW as I am a left I work from right to left across the spread. I started with the overalls and then progressively ripped one of my two specimens up!

Office Drama

A bit of an exciting event from last week. Didn’t take a photo at the time so I did a sketch to record the event.

The shelves that were on the wall for the last 4 years just crashed to the ground overnight taking desks with them. Totally inadequate fixing (by the builder) was the reason.

Working in a Small Book

A red handbag

A little armchair travelling

Having fun designing my Sunday pages

and finally… some tea related sketches…


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