090321 This week

March 21, 2009 | 1 Comment

I am trying to make sure that my blog is up to date at the end of each week…. so here goes for the sketches I have done such my last post.
090314 Kids PlayArea
Our annual church picnic- I managed to make this quick sketch while on ‘Aunt duty’ (such an enjoyable duty!) but then got into a few lengthy conversations and so didn’t get a chance to open my sketchbook again all day!
090317 RestPark Visit
The kids play area in most local parks are so sophisticated these days – a lot improved from the swing and slippery dip of my childhood. Often they have sail cloth overhead – this one was adequately shaded and so didn’t need that.

I love the way a spread in your journal can incorporate 2 different events….and yet have a link in an unexpected way.
On Sunday I wrote a few quotes after finishing the biography I have been reading on and off in the last few months.
Today, I went to my local park at lunch- which is a rest park.
090318 Gaudi or Self Portrait
Entitled – Gaudi or Self Portrait
Jessica Wesolek of the Love this journal classes says not to record negative things in your journal…hence I drew a picture a nice architectural picture of a building that I love to express how I felt…
very distressed neck, oppressive helmet on my head and dark hollow eyes… no really it wasn’t that bad!! I just need a day or two off work!!!!
090319 Random Page
Having fun with my inktense – sometimes it is a bit of surprise when I add the water.
Sometimes I have no idea where my layout will lead me as I am working on the run!
090320 Friday Night Scribble
The result of a hard week at work (in fact a very hard three weeks!)
Oh! I love ink and wash or rather ink and inktense – even if you totally destory the inkwork you can still have fun with the inktense.
BTW this page scanned so bright – I have dropped the saturation so it is a little more accurate.
BTW 2 – there is no skin colour in inktense
BTW 3 – don’t believe what I wrote…I am just about to have a cuppa!
090320 Teacup Collection_01
Ok…so I ended up having a cup of tea and then drawing a few of them. I have a wonderful book full of collectible cups- I am going through and making up an imaginary collection based on one of every colour….
(I often forget to rub out my pencil lines before I scan… Sometimes I couldn’t be bothered to re-scan it – tonight is one of those occasions)
090320 Weekly Spread
I am really enjoying getting back to do a weekly spread – on Monday, I think of something that is unique to the week and then record random and mainly extremely trivial things that happen each day – it is fun to re-read at a later date the things that I thought to record at the time….sometimes the most trivial things trigger the most enjoyable memories!

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  • Deborah says:

    This is going to be a rather long comment, because it’s been building up as I’ve looked through all your pages. You are a fascinating person and I just love your posts and your work. We share a love of painting/drawing cups and teapots. I am more of a coffee drinker, but do love a cup of tea now and then too. I have a thing for drawing teacups and coffee cups. So cozy and inspiring to me.
    I also absolutely admire your concentration of being and knowing you are a sketchbook artist only. I know that is where my true passion is but can’t seem to let myself just be a sketchbook artist and be content with that. It’s a wonderful pasttime and it’s a wonderful way to express myself creatively. Especially with limited space and time to work. I love the portability of keeping a sketchbook. I am so inspired by your blog and all that you’re doing. Thank you!!

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