Out and about sketching: Local parks, Balmain, Art Gallery and Leichhardt

March 21, 2009 | 1 Comment

Been out sketch a lot recently, so here is a big update of numerous outings.

Church Picnic

Our annual church picnic- I managed to make this quick sketch while on ‘Aunt duty’ (such an enjoyable duty!) but then got into a few lengthy conversations and so didn’t get a chance to open my sketchbook again all day!

The kids play area in most local parks are so sophisticated these days – a lot improved from the swing and slippery dip of my childhood. Often they have sail cloth overhead – this one was adequately shaded and so didn’t need that.

Local Park at work

I love the way a spread in your journal can incorporate 2 different events….and yet have a link in an unexpected way.
On Sunday I wrote a few quotes after finishing the biography I have been reading on and off in the last few months.
Monday, I went to my local park at lunch- which is a rest park.

Art Gallery

A lovely morning at the Art Gallery – didn’t sketch in the exhibition as too many people but naturally sketched at morning tea. (I always try to get there early before they open up so I can sketch the entrance portico)

…. After my long morning tea I went in the hunt for a tea cup – so headed for the Asian section.



My description on Flickr for the left side of the page:

Let’s just change the mood again… Inktense (using the missing colour!) and watercolour. Yes… There is no doubt about it…. I am hooked on drawing cups but I think that is a good thing as I did really need to work on my circles… I do think there is some improvement….still more needed tho! Now if only I could get hooked on drawing people instead of putting it in the ‘too hard’ basket!!! How can I break through the barrier???

Right side: Best way to get in the mood for a day of solo sketching…. a nice comfy table at a cafe and a good coffee and cake…

…Then another cuppa to have while doing some serious sketching.

So nice to be sketching a building on location rather than by photos which is what I have done a lot of lately.

Ok- striking while the iron(I mean cuppa) is hot… Here is an attempt at implementing Rick and Gay’s suggestions on Flickr to draw tea cups and people. Blind Contour self portrait with a collectible cup. I have to admit this was rather fun to do (although a little scary to see it posted!) …. maybe it is the only way that I will be able to break through this barrier of being afraid to draw people.

And BTW on the left is my lunch from Balmain – was a bit too hungry to do justice to those lettuce leaves!


A lovely day with my sketching friend Alissa Duke.

This was a really eclectic mix of house styles in a row – I especially love the house on the left!! (remember I am an architect and like quirky somewhat brutalist buildings!)

Leichhardt is known in Sydney for its Italian food… so the choice for lunch was obvious. There is an elaborate town hall on the crest of the hill beyond the post office – I am saving that for another visit.

Believe it or not, I have never sketched a gelato before/while eating.

Definitely one of the most challenging sketching subjects…and rather hazardous to unprotected sketchbook pages.


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  • Deborah says:

    This is going to be a rather long comment, because it’s been building up as I’ve looked through all your pages. You are a fascinating person and I just love your posts and your work. We share a love of painting/drawing cups and teapots. I am more of a coffee drinker, but do love a cup of tea now and then too. I have a thing for drawing teacups and coffee cups. So cozy and inspiring to me.
    I also absolutely admire your concentration of being and knowing you are a sketchbook artist only. I know that is where my true passion is but can’t seem to let myself just be a sketchbook artist and be content with that. It’s a wonderful pasttime and it’s a wonderful way to express myself creatively. Especially with limited space and time to work. I love the portability of keeping a sketchbook. I am so inspired by your blog and all that you’re doing. Thank you!!

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