• seesue says:

    7 delightful sketches 6 of them started after 11am. Good Grief Girl what time did you stay until. The quality of these wonders seem to indicate a long, long time indeed. I LOVE your style!!

  • Brenda Y says:

    Wow, Liz, you did more than very “seasoned” sketchcrawlers usually do!! It’s so hard to believe that this was your first sketchcrawl. Outstanding work — very fluid, free linework and glorious splashes of color — PERFECT!!

  • Lynn says:

    You had an amazingly productive day! These are all wonderful!

  • Margaret Ann says:

    These sketches are simply sensational…I have been a big fan of your food diary too! Love your little bear with your palette…soooooo cute! Glad you had a great crawl! Thanks for taking me along for the view! 🙂

    Its 113 degrees right now in Phoenix Az…so I think I will “crawl” around inside at home today! 🙂

  • My goodness you got aLOT done today…amazing…well i guess its yesterday now?! these are all terrific..your stuff always is!

  • freebird says:

    Your pictures look wonderful and I see Borromini got to go too.

  • Liz Steel says:

    Thanks everyone! I actually omitted on of the sketches originally!
    I do my sketches very quickly – the 2 big panoramas were probably done in around 50 minutes(or less). We were sketching on Cockatoo island for 4 hours (with lunch and wandering between locations)
    It was just so much fun!!!!

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