• jane - May 9, 2012 reply

    Have you been to New York before? I'm there currently on a residency, and it is quite a culture shock from Glasgow - don't know how it'll be from where you are!

  • Elizabeth Alley - May 9, 2012 reply

    I am going to both places, too! But I'm going to NY a month before DR :)

  • Liz Steel - May 10, 2012 reply

    Jane - yes been to NYC before and loved it! (was a little anxious about going on my own and how overwhleming it would be...but LOVED it!) Having said that I adore Glasgow too!
    Hey Elizabeth...what a pity we will not be there at the same time but I hope to hear all about your sketching adventures in DR - will be great to see you again. I want to have my sketching visit to NYC armed with post symposium buzz!!! (scary thought!)

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