Quick inkless sketches

May 10, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Is something wrong? This is the only sketch I have done this week…and I even had a day off yesterday (and no sketch!) … no nothing wrong just got a lot on and need a break!
I never seem to leave myself enough time to sketch on my lunchbreak… so this was a 10 min exercise (the no ink continues) and I got some paint that evening so had to record it…even though it was past my bedtime!

Not 100% happy with the building sketch… but I am excited at this new urge to sketch without ink and looking forward to where it will lead me (or not!)

BTW Everyday in May has fallen away for me – last year I made it to Day 15- this year only Day 5. But in those 5 days I have achieved something… trying something new / different. (Different sketchbook size and no ink!!!

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