The importance of considering story, values and composition when urban sketching

October 24, 2022 | Leave your thoughts

I’m absolutely loving going through my Watercolour On Location course again! In the last three weeks we’ve been looking at the importance of considering story, values and composition when urban sketching. And we have been doing a lot of thumbnails to help us with this. 🙂

Some of these thumbnails include:

And this week we’re focusing on doing 5-step value studies.

As always, an inspiring group has formed during this Live Version. They have been doing some great work and I love hanging out with them during the bonus weekly livestreams. And the vibe inside the classroom is amazing – so many supportive comments on everyone’s sketches.

And I’m really enjoying applying the concepts from the course to my own work. It was super helpful to do some of the design thumbnails as a way of reviewing my recent Barangaroo two-colour sketches.

And here is a scanned version of last week’s demo which I really loved doing.

And finally, just to let you all know…

I’m closing access to the Live Version of the course this week on Wednesday 26 October. So this is the last catch to join the group, be part of the weekly livestreams and get weekly emails from me. Course enrollment remains open for anyone to work through the lessons at their own pace, but this is the last call for the Live Version.

Here is the link to the course, one last time. 🙂
Find out more about Watercolour On Location. 
(If you have purchased the course in the past you can join the Live Version for free. Simply go to Watercolour On Location on your My Courses page and then click on the big blue button on the classroom homepage.)

Can’t wait to talk about value and colour in tomorrow’s livestream!

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