#uskathome: The View from my balcony

March 17, 2020 | 2 Comments

A few day’s late… here is my contribution to the Virtual Sketchmeet hosted by USKMilano on 14 March. The theme was “What we see outside the window” and the hashtag is #uskathome

This is the most interesting view out of my windows and I actually sat on my tiny balcony to sketch it. So technically it’s the view from my balcony. It’s nice that I’m able to see trees and sky and lots of birds flying past.

I’m sure that I will do some more versions of this view in the coming weeks.

Did you take part on this sketch challenge? Have you sketched the view from a window yet?



  • Glad you have a nice view to sketch. I always like rooftop views like this. They remind me of being in Italy when I usually had an upstairs view from where I was staying. My view here isn’t as scenic. I am on the ground floor and all my windows face the same view. The only time I find it interesting is when there is snow on the trees.

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Joan – I’m thinking of some fun ways of sketching the same scene in different ways. Stay safe!

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