Trying an old-style ink and wash sketch

April 5, 2017 | 4 Comments


These days I mostly start my sketches with some form of paint and then I alternate between paint and line as I work experimentally, but last night I decided to (try to) do a more traditional ink and wash sketch – ie. line first and then colour. My intention was to do a careful Palladian sketch (the Palladian Odyssey workshop is not too far away!) but I am working at such a crazy pace at the moment (doing lots of SketchingNow website stuff behind the scenes) that my sketching was a little looser than I expected.

You can see the time stamp – 11 minutes for the whole sketch! Please don’t compare my speed with your own. I am a very speedy sketcher and work hard at developing techniques for fast sketching that is loose but with an acceptable degree of accuracy. This was a particularly fast sketch even for me and it was a good chance to brush up on my 5 minute sketching architecture techniques. If somehow you missed it, I wrote a book on that topic last year. More here.

Ok… very short article today as I have to get back to the grind! Happy Wednesday everyone!


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