Trip Prep 16 & 17: Music and Exhaustion

June 28, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

ok… I am officially out of control trying to do way too much… or wanting to do everything. in the small gaps of time that I have between work during the day and evening sewing sessions I am trying to write emails, and sort some other things out that I like to do early.

I always listen to specific (new) music for each trip. This year I have some wonderful Portuguese guitar music. I also have associations from previous trips (eg. I have to listen to the Lark Ascending when I am in Edinburgh – I listened to it along with other English string music when I was reading Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South a number of years ago… then in 2009 when in Edinburgh I recognised scenes and buildings from the movie so in the evenings I listened to the lark… now every visit I have to listen to it when in Edinburgh) I also listen to audio books in the plane- a Jane Austen that I can happily miss bit as I dose off is good- but which one…
Anyway, a sort of my iphone is essential and I normally leave it too late.

Trip Prep 17 – despair that I am not going to even touch the pile of 20 odd books on English architecture that I wanted to brush up on.

YES…. I know I am MAD!!!!

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