Top 12 blog articles for 2023

December 29, 2023 | 2 Comments

In addition to reviewing my sketchbooks for the past 12 months, I’ve also done a review of all the blogposts I’ve published in 2023.

So here is a collection of the top articles – the most visited/commented on.

It’s interesting to see how they relate to my sketching review.:-)


I know that you all love reading articles about paint colours and favourite mixes…

I often get asked why I don’t use 100% cotton paper. This article explains my preference for Alpha sketchbooks:


Putting together my Teacups course and going through it with a cohort in June was definitely the highlight of the year.

It was fun to share a few non-sketching tea-related articles as part of my preparation for the launch of the course. Writing about my Great Aunty Ruby was very special and my teacup collection grew quite a bit this year!

Urban Sketching

I’ve done a lot of local sketching on location this year (thanks to my morning sketch sessions and my Wednesday City outings). Here are a few articles with tips for urban sketching:

Mixed Media

Thanks to Faber Castell I’ve tried a lot of new supplies in 2023. Hmm, this list reminds me that I want to revisit the Pitt Matt Graphite in the new year!

Honourable mentions

I’m still finalising my 2024 sketching goals and I’ll share them next week (hmm… next year!)

Thanks to everyone who left a comment sharing their 2023 sketching reflections here – I love reading them all!


  • Jamie C says:

    The Teacups course was the highlight of my year, by far! Reading your blog, and this review of your top entries this year, brings back my own joy and memories from this year, too. Thank you for so generously sharing your sketching journey. You make a big difference in my life and I appreciate you and all you do so very much!

  • Suzanne says:

    Wishing you a happy, healthy and sketchy 2024 Liz. Thank you for sharing your sketches and resources used to make them. Love checking out your blog to see what you have done, where you have been. This year I am going to actually FINISH my Watercolour Now course. I have more time and been painting for longer so feel that I should understand and get more out of the course.

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