Things are busy in Singapore!

July 20, 2015 | 6 Comments

Here are some photos (and videos) from Saturday and today, Monday.
The heat and humidity have been tough … and the ‘quiet’ early days have been far more full on than I expected. Heaps of sketchers are in town now… so doubt I will be able to post again!

Chinatown with Marc, Shari, Parka and Maria (also Chris and Dawn and Vincent…)

Dumpling lunch!

Sketching a rehearsal of some Indian dancers thanks to Maria..

Jane and I share a birthday which was last week, so here is our shared birthday cake on Saturday night


 Intense humidity this morning with Marc, Joel and Stephanie

 Australian Gang… part of a group for over 20 this year! Lisa, Angela, Chris and Rooi.

 Sketching the supertrees and meeting Murray Dewhurst from NZ!

Hiding from the heat of the afternoon in a cafe with Parka, Vincent, Eve, Paul and Juilette.

Sketching North Bridge road Kampong Glam with Paul, Eve, Luis and Juilette

Eating Durian (for the second night in a row!)

I quite like durian and we decided this evening that the first mouthful tastes like  ‘garlic custard’, but a lot sweeter on the second mouthful. I doubt I will ever love the fruit but it is fun to eat!


Before the durian we had a great meal in Chinatown and afterwards dessert – mango snowy ice and sesame rice balls – yum! Many thanks to Eve and Paul for looking after us this evening.

Two more videos…

it seems that everywhere I go Parka is there with the camera. There are a lot more sketchers around now so I hope he will start recording them all… and leave me alone! Sigh!


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