The new Lindfield Village Green

February 21, 2022 | 1 Comment

After years of anticipation, the new Village Green is open in my local area of Lindfield. This is great as I now have a new space to sketch!

It’s not the most interesting space (ie. I wasn’t buzzing with inspiration when I first saw it) but the most exciting aspect of it is that there are approximately 20 different benches/places to sit.

In 2020 when I started more seriously sketching my local area I realised that everyday sketching differs significantly from what I do when I’m on a dedicated outing or trip.

On a sketching outing/trip, I stop and open my sketchbook whenever I see something that interests me, meaning that the decision to sketch is prompted by inspiration.

However, for my everyday sketching, I get a takeaway coffee and then choose a place to sit. Once seated I then search for something that interests me. Some days I don’t feel any inspiration as I’ve looked at the scene many times before. But this process is important, because as soon as I’ve started, the creative juices begin to flow.

This distinction between special outings and sketching as part of my everyday life is very important and the key to developing a regular sketching habit!

So, the fact that I now have so many new locations where I can sit is indeed very exciting! The only disappointment is that none of the seats have shelter for a rainy day.

Last week I did a number of quick sketches from various locations to explore possible views and to document the state of the vegetation during the opening week.

These sketches are exploratory – their purpose is simply to getto know the various elements of the Village Green and think about composition. Due to the Foundations Group Run-through at the moment, I’m in the mood for some watercolour pencils. So these sketches use my standard Faber Castell collection and also my 6 colour Foundations palette.


The first day – sitting in the full midday sun without a hat or sunglasses (I know better than to do this!)

I couldn’t really see what I was doing but it was fun to sketch the main elements of the Village Green – a rotunda, two buildings and lots of young trees.

BTW: It will be fun to document how the trees and plants grow throughout the coming months (and years).

On the next two visits I focused on smaller views – the back of the Spanish Mission building on Lindfield Ave, and the smaller building housing the lift from the underground carpark.

Looking towards the southern end of the Green and including both rotundas. Ah! it’s great to have two round buildings in order to practice my ellipses!

The lift building and a little bit of the water feature. There are some fun (and tricky) angles in this part of the Green.

This morning’s quick sketch looking towards the second rotunda… I suddenly started to observe the design of the rotunda’s structural members.

As I look at each of these sketches, I’ve realised that my first response has been to focus on the individual elements (buildings and trees) in the space and how these elements relate to each other. I haven’t yet really described the space itself as a whole. So that is something to work on this week!

It’s very exciting to have a new place to visit with heaps of sketching potential and lots of different comfortable spaces to sit!

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  • Jamie C says:

    I love this kind of sketching, which captures and documents a moment. The young trees, the new green! Your excitement is evident in the sketches, too!

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