Teacup week is starting again

June 19, 2015 | 3 Comments



Yes, my week teaching at Sketchbook Skool has just begun. So I thought I would share a teacup that I did a little while ago (when I was testing out The Outside Studio’s Sketchers Atelier) but never posted.

This particular cuppa sketch was not done using the technique I teach in my Sketchbook Skool “Klass”… instead this would be called the ‘totally out of control approach’. It was a bit of a watery mess at the time, but I just left it and this is the end result.


And here is on that I did yesterday!

Anyway, just to give you some advance warning that I might indulge in a few teacup sketches in the coming week … might be good chill out time in my crazy crazy schedule at the moment getting my online class ready for registration soon- very soon!


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  • Still can't see photos from yesterday's post but so happy to see teacups! Something so darned homey and lovely and so Liz Steele! Love these two!

  • annie says:

    ALWAYS LOVE your teacups, Liz. In fact, I miss them when you don't post some. So I am delighted to know that we are going to have some more, again.
    I do like these. I don't think the last one is a watery mess at all.

  • Karen says:

    So looking forward to the next course! Still going back to Foundations and working on those skills, but ready to jump in with the new class when it begins.

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