Tea with Alice

June 10, 2015 | 1 Comment

There is one thing that I DO NOT need… and that is more varieties of tea! The amount of tea that I have is very embarrassing. I really need to start working my way through it…and see how many days I could survive without drinking the same tea twice.

BUT the other week when an Instagram user called HaveteawithAlice regrammed one of my sketches, I had to go and check out who it is… and then the website… and well… the next thing I know I have somehow ordered a sample box! Hopeless.

But what can I say… it is great tea and beautifully packaged (oh! look turquoise and brown branding!) …so well, it is exactly my cuppa tea.

I rarely sketch tea leaves as they are too small and fiddly but I had to record these four teas before I started using them.

Ok… I can see that I have a good reason to use some special teacups in the next week or so as I pair the tea with my cups.

BTW have I mentioned lately how much I love Instagram!

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1 Comment

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