Sydney Hospital Courtyard with Urban Sketchers Sydney ... AND Penang!

May 2, 2015 | 3 Comments

The Urban Sketchers Sydney events just seem to get better and better. Despite the ‘rain- heavy at times’ forecast we had a fantastic turn up of 34 people this morning to the Sydney Hospital courtyard.
My favourite sketching days are always the ones when we are all sitting together in the one area, so this courtyard was ideal. And a nice roomy cafe was a good base!

Everywhere you looked, there were sketchers!

Once again the work done by the group was amazing- so much variety even though we were all sketching the same thing.

And here is the group photo…

As for my sketches – I didn’t finished any!

The first in brown ink was just a warmup while I was waiting for people to turn up… so I got distracted! The second, a watercolour sketch of the turret was interrupted by rain on two occasions.

The third sketch with my mixed grey ink had to be aborted as I ran out of ink! It was good to see what it was like to do one of my ink sketches in a A4 moleskine watercolour sketchbook rather than the 9 x 6 Alpha book which has been my only sketchbook for a while now. It was good to get back to the larger format and true watercolour paper again.

Great day – thanks to everyone that came and made it a great day.  It was super special to have international visitors with us – Cecily and Khim from the Penang USK group!

I also did my EDiM sketch for the day but will group these sketches together early next week. In the mean time you can check out my ‘daily’ sketches (of course no Sunday for me) on my flickr or facebook.

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  • It sure looks a lovely place for a sketch out! I love the architecture; gorgeous hospital!

  • Tony Latham says:

    Hey Liz,
    Too bad for the rain, however what a great group of sketchers!!!
    Interesting location and architecture.
    What brown ink did you use? De A ?
    Tony in Montreal

  • I am in love whenever I see a sketcher in action. Their masterpieces are always stunning regardless of what they draw. Often on my way to work at the self storage, I would bump into a sketcher or two who are interested in architecture and the location of my workplace is a commercial hotspot with many interesting buildings.

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