In the garden, high heel shoes and a cake or two!

June 28, 2014 | 1 Comment

A quiet morning at home – not feeling like doing much. So I actually attempted to sketch the view from my work spot on the back verandah.
If you can keep out of the wind, most sunny days of a Sydney winter are unbelievably warm in the sun. I have a window of opportunity to do so between 10am-1pm when we get sun on the verandah and I try to find things that I can do out there. I rarely sketch on these occasions as I want to try to work …but today, being Saturday I thought it was time to attempt a sketch. I didn’t quite achieve what I was hoping for… but it is nice to have something green in my book.

Last night I went out to dinner at Le Traders Pyrmont… and yes I sketched dessert. I rarely go out to dinner and rarely order dessert (yes truly!!! it is normally afternoon tea) but last night was a special occasion.

Yesterday afternoon I had a few chores to do at Macquarie Centre and ended up at the coffee shop which occupies the space that used to be the T2 tearoom. I find it very hard to sketch in there… too many memories from the past and although I didn’t actually choke when I drew the ceiling fans… they are the only thing that remains from a very special place. (hhmmm… doesn’t sound like I have quite gotten over that place yet. It is a year since it closed!)

And finally this is the final spread from the other day with some random objects. A broken wallet, having to cut up my credit card (not because it has expired!) and shoes that I don’t wear much these days.

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