Sketching mangroves at Echo Point

June 28, 2021 | 2 Comments

Those of you who know Echo Point in the Blue Mountains will be confused by this title as there are certainly no mangroves there. But I’m talking about Echo Point in Roseville just down from the Roseville Bridge… and there are plenty of mangroves and casuarinas as well!

And that’s exactly what I sketched during a short outing there last Friday. I did two quick sketches (in 10 -15 minutes) just trying to loosely document what I was seeing and then spent more time referring to a few reference books hoping to determine the exact species. I took two books with me, but I needed the one I had left at home. Next time I will sketch leaves and bark and hope that there are flowers/fruit to check as well.

It was another one of our beautiful warm winter days and it was super relaxing to sit in the sand and get my dose of Vitamin D!

Last time I visited this spot I just checked it out and drew a map once I was home (see here). I drew a map of this visit as well as a way to make sure I don’t miss the turn next time I visit this wonderful little spot in my local area.

I’m very thankful that I made the effort to get out on Friday and enjoy some time sitting on the sand in the sun. Greater Sydney is now in a 2-week lockdown, so I’ll have to wait a little while before my next Friday sketch outing!


  • Sandra F Ingram says:

    What a fun winter outing! So glad you were able to get outside and so sorry to hear of the lockdowns. Sure hope this doesn’t keep happening every winter. Also wonder when/if we all will need to get booster shots. Take care of yourself!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Sandie!!! I have had such freedoms for over a year now that a short lockdown is totally ok for me 🙂 Although I might not be able to do the outdoor exercise for Edges in the coming week

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