Sketching Architecture in The Rocks: Week 2

November 15, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Centrelines, edges, thickness and depths…

Week 2 we took perspective totally out of the equation and sat directly opposite some lovely buildings along George St in order to focus on these aspects of drawing architecture. This stretch of the road has a lovely variety of buildings and I let everyone choose which one they wanted to sketch. The easy looking ones still proved a challenge -especially getting the proportions right throughout and allowing for the right thicknesses of the various components – but by working systematically everyone was able to produce a wonderful sketch.

I encourage working from the overall shape to the major structure divisions and making sure that adequate thicknesses have been included (columns, ledges, horizontal banding, edges of roofs etc) before having fun with the detail.

Next week we will finally get around to perspective! I think that the skills learnt today (building on those from last week) will make some simple perspective rules a lot easier. Can’t wait…

Once again I am so inspired by the work done by everyone in the class on both Thursday and Friday and very happy that numerous people really had fun and enjoyed their sketching this week!

And BTW it was really fun to be able to show my class this image during the week … thinking of planning a new course next year on styles of architecture and ways to draw them.


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