Right hand sketching by a leftie

April 1, 2015 | 2 Comments

During Tuesday’s outing, I did some right-hand sketching – it was a lot of fun and I found it quite comfortable, even though I don’t have the same amount of control. I did this for an entire week(or was it a fortnight) last June (see here and here and here and here with a photo!). I was surprised how easily I fell back into the groove of doing things reverse.

This was a watercolour demo working quite slow. I accidentally drew the rim of the cup in ink with my left hand but all the rest with my right. I think working slower really helps the control!

Afternoon tea – not able to work slow at all- limited time till my ferry left and a lovely interruption about tearooms in Newcastle UK with the lovely couple at the table next to me! That teapot which I rushed is wonky wonky wonky!

This sketch done on Monday evening records a significant event… wondering if you can decipher it…it is a little cryptic. Nothing too drastic… and all is good now!


  • Sewing bees, burgers, left handed drawings, bridges…the excitement and beauty never ends here, Liz! Can't believe how well you do using the opposite hand. And now you've made me crave a burger and it is only 4:35 a.m.!

  • JOAN says:

    Your right hand drawings done by a leftie are so good! I'd be hard pressed for this righty to paint/draw with my left…I can barely write legibly with my left,let alone draw!
    It seems you have some sort of apparatus on your hand/wrist….is this a sprain or repetative motion issue? Hope all's well, but seems that's what prompted you to draw/paint with your non dominant hand? Do I win a prize for guessing rightly? HA

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