Quick reflections on the past week (Expressive Urban Sketching workshop)

March 25, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Way too exhausted to do more than one blog post tonight after such a MEGA week…. but I just put a brief summary of the week up on the Urban Sketchers blog.
Check it out here.

Putting this 2 day Urban Sketchers workshop on with Paul Wang from Singapore has been a big deal for me… I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time, and Paul and I have been kicking the idea around to do a workshop together for about a year…so it is amazing to think that it has finally been and gone.

I so much wanted to bring some of the USK Symposium buzz here to Australia… to share the USK culture of bringing people with a love of sketching together from afar and to experience that incredible creative energy and inspiration when we all share and learn new stuff together. So to get so many out of town visitors and someone from Canada was very special.

I also wanted to bring a USK Correspondent out – since we sometimes feel a long way from the rest of the USK community (and yes I know… Murray in NZ feels the same and we so much wished he had been able to join us!). Paul is a great artist and teacher and it has been so much fun and an honour to work alongside him this week – both in the preparation, the two days of the workshop and this week in our de-brief and planning for the next time!!!!

I had high hopes of what this event could be… and it FAR exceeded my dreams. We had the most incredible group – who were willing to take risks and followed our crazy schedule – and there was such much fun & connection between them. I also feel especially thankful for all the keen generosity of sponsors,  the support of my local team and for the amazing Providences that made it all go so smoothly – no rain, no crowds, ability to use the camping tables etc etc.

Thanks to everyone that was a part of this week!

Looks like I just wrote a second blog post after all… but no energy for scanning my sketches… not that I have done a symposium-like amount of sketching… but they do build up in a week!

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