Old Country Roses again?

November 3, 2021 | 1 Comment

Actually, it’s not Old Country Roses(OCR) by Royal Albert! It’s English Garden by Elizabethian (Est. 1875) – part of a tea set that my parents own. I don’t know which is the original design but they are definitely very similar – both use roses and use the same colours.

Although you can’t really tell from my loose wet-in-wet version (done after an epic Buildings livestream this morning), English Garden is a more delicate design and there is more white space around it. I’m so used to OCR that I found it hard to paint the flowers the correct size.  The English Garden pattern has a yellow rose in the centre of the design.

This version from a few weeks ago has the addition of some turquoise so that the cup matched the sketch on the other side of the spread. Therefore it’s not an accurate representation of the pattern either!

But the main difference is the cup and saucer shape. OCR uses a classic Royal Albert shape – Montrose – but the Elizabethian is more cylindrical with flutes.

Here is an OCR spread that I did a few months ago (during an OCR week) to compare.

I have a plan to do a more accurate comparison down the track. I did one 11 years ago but at the time I didn’t own an OCR cup.

Ah! it’s nice to be sharing random teacup trivia again! 🙂

1 Comment

  • Jamie C says:

    I love the tea cup trivia! Did not know that the shapes of cups have names, too! Your tea cup sketches always feel so joyful. At least, I feel joyful seeing them!

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