Not sketching?

July 9, 2015 | 2 Comments

The last 5 weeks have been very crazy – long long days (and nights) chained to my computer and then 10 days ago my sister and family arrived from Scotland. I feel like I haven’t been sketching at all but this morning, when taking a little break from my work, I sat down to do a cuppa sketch.

This made me flick through the previous pages in my sketchbook and in doing so I realised that l have been sketching more than I thought. It has not be a deliberate sit down and ‘do a sketch’ type of sketching, but more relfex sketching, squeezing something in at any opportunity. Last night this was a ‘set aside some time even though I am exhausted’ sketch. Oh! I forgot, I have been trying to do some cool summer clothing sewing for my upcoming trip to SG as well!

SO anyway… here are all my sketches – some are rough, most pages are unplanned and they have quick (messy) notes but…the big thing I learnt today is that sketching is such a part of my life and work now, that even when I don’t think I am sketching I still am.

It is a little tragic to post 3 versions of the one sketch in the one blogpost, but I just HAVE TO include my photo of my Lilac Cup that I posted to Instagram… taken while the paint was drying. I mixed up a purple Da Atramentis Document Ink this morning (blue and magenta!) just for this sketch!

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  • What great journal pages, Liz. I just gotta start this! I need to! If I can only get past the tired.

  • SusanA says:

    This is one of my favorite tea cup sketches. Love the lights and darks. Interesting insight about sketching even when you don't think you are. I sometimes feel I'm not accomplishing much and it isn't until I go back through my sketchbook that I realize that, even if it is in stollen moments, I am sketching and I am filling that book!

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