New 2 day workshop

June 19, 2014 | 3 Comments

I am very pleased to announce a new 2 day workshop Thursday 10 – Friday 11 July in The Rocks area of Sydney.


My definition of sketching is a fast personal response and record of the moment –  it is not an elaborate drawing or a polished painting.  My goal of working spontaneously means that I am constantly sharpening foundational drawing and painting skills – this is what I want to share in this workshop.

We will be using the Tea Cosy’s amazing collection of teacups and tea cosies as our subject matter for the morning session – I can think of no better subjects to explain my core concepts! We will then go out in the afternoon to put these principles into action on the streets in the visually rich area of the Rocks.

Day 1: The fundamental principles
The importance of learning to see and three ‘ways of seeing’ that I use
Approaches to composition and how to put it into practice out on location
Day 2: Fundamentals applied to spontaneous sketching with the restriction of time!
Ways of starting and developing your sketch – to setup or not, edges, tones, colour
How to simplify a complex scene, create a strong focus and tell a story about where you are

This workshop is designed for beginners but will also include more advanced exercises for experienced sketchers. The morning sessions focus on structured exercises the afternoon will allow for more tailored 1-on-1 instruction.

My weekly classes are still on hold and this is the only workshop I will be doing till late Sept (at the earliest) So if you are interested….Please email me

Finally: For those of you who are doing sketchbook skool…. I think the content will fit in with kourse 2’s theme of ‘seeing’ – and it is an introduction to my own week (which will be in early August)


  • I so wanted to do Sketchbook Skool! Unfortunately, the $99 was a bit too steep for me right now, but I hope it is offered again. Your definition of sketches, I believe, is right on target, and one I agree with. That said, all of the sketches I see in my artist friends' blog is frameworthy. I start a sketchbook then hate what I've done and put it aside, never to be picked up again. I'd be embarrassed for anyone to really look at them. And that being said, I think I have one sketchbook where my sketches actually meet your definition and it is my favorite. Since I was limiting it to French things and ran out of thoughts after about 4, maybe 5 pages! Oy. Anyway, your pages are always great, Liz. Still working with your right hand only?

  • eric135 says:

    Liz, you've been such an inspiration … I really enjoy your style and enjoy looking at all of your sketches. I have worked with watercolors for years but never got into a good rhythm, painting something as often as I could, until I got my first Moleskine watercolor journal. I'm about to finish my second (a Moleskine sketchbook – I prefer the dimensions to the really wide watercolor journal), and hope to start on my third this week (I decided to try the Stillman & Birn Alpha). I still have difficulty working plein air (I guess I'm too self-conscious and it makes me nervous) but I enjoy taking photographs and then working from the photos later. I guess plein air will be my next big breakthrough.
    I wish i lived closer — I'm in Phoenix Arizona USA — but who knows, maybe I'll give the Sketchbook Skool a try (I'm working on my Bachelors in Nursing online, but I'd rather learn how to paint better).
    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration… Eric135

  • SusanA says:

    Hi, Liz. I wish I could find someone close (I'm in Ohio USA) that teaches sketching like this. Your class sounds perfect for me. I love receiving your blog posts in my inbox, and I really look forward to your week of Sketchbook Skool!

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