More Rome sketches - and there are still HEAPS more to post

October 21, 2010 | 4 Comments

Getting a bit carried away with my ‘favourites’ from Rome – most of these are from the one day – I did 11 spreads- crazy. Did I mention that I love Rome?

0930TH_06 SM della Pace
S. Maria della Pace- this was an expensive coffee – the price for a comfortable position in Rome – trust me I didn’t find many!
0930TH_08 S Ivo Dome
A Borromini building – ie. the famous architect not the famous bear. It was great in Rome – all the locals I met knew who the bear was named after!
0930TH_09 Roman Tea
This is a none architectural sketch – and funny that it is tea related!?! Just for the record this was a sensational tea shop. I didn’t really like the earl grey with the orange and lime black tea and the rose petal black tea are amazing!!! Bought a tea cosy there as well- I never expected to buy a tea cosy in Rome!!!
1001FR_08 ColosseumExt
Colosseum – do I have to tell you that? … there is something about that place. I couldn’t stop sketching when I was there and now I can’t stop scanning my rome sketches!!!
1001FR_09 ArchConstantine
Arch of Constantine – sitting on the ground. Thankfully there was a large bollard I could lean against and kinda hide. I don’t care about people seeing me but a few times a number of tourists got annoyed that I was in the way of their photo!
1001FR_03 A Bernini Fountain
trying to find something which isn’t a baroque building… how about a baroque fountain – at the base of the Spanish steps


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