In a Chai mood

January 16, 2015 | 1 Comment

It is really hard for me to find sketching time for myself at the moment …but there is always my evening cuppa. Sketching my cup of tea is just the perfect little escape – a time to experiment with line and colour with do-able subject matter within a limited time frame (my two-cup pot).

My orange ‘SketchingNow’ cup has been a challenge for me to paint since it is hard to achieve a wet-in-wet non-brown shadow suitable for an orange cup with blue, turquoise and white flowers. This one is less murky and I was also playing with a new mixed orange and a cyan De Atramentis document ink drawing in dry paper and into the wet. The watercolour and ink pigments were mixing freely in the water on the page. Ah! love it!

I have been in a chai mood lately and while I was making the pot tonight, decided that this orange cup really suits chai tea. It hasn’t really felt right drinking earl grey out of it – some of my other cups match EGT better. I then picked up the package of my new Ovvio Chai High Spice Tea and guess what – they think orange and teal are the colours of chai too! I know this is very trivial but it brought a smile to my face.

1 Comment

  • dulcy says:

    Oh my! I've also been in a chai mood lately. Love this sketch, the oranges and chai colors are wonderful. Also like that you've added the packaging. Enjoy the "everydayness" of it all!

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