Friday night baroque????

May 23, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Friday night Baroque… hold on a minute, it is only Thursday night!

Yes… I am a little confused and in need of a bit of splashing paint around, a bit of scraping and a bit of scribbling with ink and watercolour pencil. This is a delightful building in Rome that I sketched when I was there in 2010. Yes, it is from a photo… but I am experimenting with new techniques and trying something out for an upcoming project.

It might be a little laboured but I have to say that there is a special element of FUN when I combine watercolour pencil and watercolour. For some reason the act of switching to and fro between paint and pencil rapidly during the process of the painting makes me feel like a little kid and I get somewhat excited!

This was pure relaxation for me… but of course now I am pumped and not relaxed ready to get some sleep! Oh dear! will I never learn?

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