Final Day of my July Trip - Crazy morning in London and Seoul adventure!

October 12, 2013 | 1 Comment

Here are the sketches from the last afternoon in London.

So after sketching the Liberty Store that I posted the other day…..
– I went and had breakfast at a good tearoom (servings of tea were a little mean)

– had a meeting with one of my clients, The House of St Barnabas – a charity for homeless people in London  – is currently doing some major renovation and I have been doing some architectural illustrations of the Interior Design concepts.(Will tell you more later) It was so much fun to walk around the rooms that I have sketched from photos and to see if the spaces were as I imagined them. (as an architect I am used to imagining spaces so it was fairly close – but the sequencing of the different spaces and how they work together within the house was nice to experience.) Also the amazing original rococo plasterwork – to see that IRL and close up was special!)
– A quick lunch at another cafe known for its great tea and cake… but I just had salad. VERY impressed by the tea!

– A Visit to another church by Hawksmoor (one of my fav architects!) St Georges Bloomsbury.

– A quick sketch of Gibb’s St Mary le Strand

 – and then finally one crazy rushed sketch of St Pauls… before jumping on the underground to get back to my room in time for the shuttle to the airport!

Seriously did not have enough time in London… would love to have a whole month sketching there one time!

On the way home I decided to put my sketchbook away and NOT force myself to sketch in the plane (I wrote notes instead) A major factor for this decision was that I only had 2 spreads left in my (4th) sketchbook and was hoping to do one of the free transit tours during my 4 hour stopover in Seoul.
And that is what I did….

the tour was a lot of fun (mainly due to our tour guide!) and I did managed to sneak in a few very very quick sketches even though it was a ‘hurry hurry, don’t stop’ type of tour.


Filling in the time between flights on a long haul is the hardest thing to do when you are travelling solo… but there was a tea place that I visited and drew some tea and cakes to fill in the final hour or so after the tour and before my flight home started boarding.

I have decided not to finish this last page…. the content is all there and to leave it imcomplete is a fitting way to end what was a wonderful but often overwhelming non-stop trip.

Thanks for being part of it – either at the time or now following all my very belated postings.


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