Catching up on last week's sketches

October 13, 2013 | 2 Comments

This year I have been somewhat surprised that I have struggled to find the time to do regular sketching for myself and in a measure have stopped recording my life in my sketchbook. I am doing so much sketching now for work – illustrations or preparation for teaching. All great fun but it is never the same as the stuff I just do for me. The life of a freelancer is quite different… work becomes play and play becomes work…and that clear distinction between the two has gone. I am trying to get the balance right.

So last week I decided that I would try to do a journal page a day. I have started writing my morning readings in my book again (always read every morning but often don’t write it in my book in ‘normal life’) Writing a verse out from the bible is certainly a great way to start the day and the act of writing helps me remember it more during the day –  it also sets me up for doing a page a day! Some days I have suddenly realised at 10pm I hadn’t done the sketch for the day…but I am getting in the swing of it and like the challenge of thinking of something for each day that records a moment of that day.

I have gone on a colour diet – reducing to a triad of 3 paints (of course) and learning more about efficient mixing. I am not liking how dirty my yellow gets or my water but it is improving and I am having lots of fun.

The pages in full are below.

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  • Susan Blow says:

    LIz… awesome work, as usual! I love the way you incorporate your daily Bible reading into your art journal. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to do that. I am really just beginning this whole sketching/watercolor thing and honestly, you are one of my favorite online "mentors". So thanks for faithfully posting here. I think you have covered this before, but I can't find where you discussed it, so I'm going to ask again… what sort of pen/ink combo do you use for your blue grid lines that you use for journaling? Also, when are you going to offer an online class for those of us who can't travel to attend one of your classes in person? I'd be first to sign up. : )

  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks Susan.when when when? we will see- it is a lot of work to prepare for but I DO want to see if it is possible.
    The blue gird lines is just an ordinary pencil. Faber castell phthalo blue is a fav.

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