Filming lots of demos

April 26, 2019 | 3 Comments

Last year I had the goal of creating more videos, and sadly it just didn’t seem to happen. But this year, I’ve been making video demos non-stop! First there was the 4+ hours of bonus material which I added to SketchingNow Foundations during the re-run which we did January- March. Then there was the massive filming days for my new course Watercolour On Location.

And finally in the last few weeks I have been creating new demos, gallery sections and exercises for the Group Run-through of Edges. I’ve filmed over 2.5 hours worth and have been having a blast doing it! Here are a few screen captures of my sketches.

Note: If you have signed up for Edges at any time, you have free access to all of these new videos. Just visit the classroom (whenever it suits) and check out part 15 in each lesson! And… we are still in Lesson 1 if you would like to join in – just click here for more details.

I haven’t done a serious revisit of Edges for a few years, and it’s been very ‘idea generating’ to do so just before a big trip. There so many interesting concepts included in the course and I believe that this material is super helpful as preparation for the new course Watercolour On Location. I’ve been having some new insights into my use of hard and soft edges, and have realised that I’ve stopped doing sketches with different tools.

Anyway, as today is my last full day of work here at home until August (three months of teaching and remote working in Europe is just a few sleeps away!), I had better get back to it. The last few weeks have been insanely busy for me, but I’m loving all my current projects, and there is a lovely energy about hustling hard just before a big trip – do you know what I am talking about?


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