Everyday pages in a new sketchbook

August 27, 2015 | 3 Comments

Just a quick update of some everyday, nothing special, pages in my sketchbook this week. I am really pushing hard trying to get as much content done as I can before Edges starts – less than a week now…wow! (Please excuse the photos rather than my usual scans… it is a sign of the times!)

I am using a Stillman & Birn beta book – A5 portrait. It is 2 years since I used this format of sketchbook so am finding it very different. I work very wet these days and find that the sizing on this paper makes it harder for me to work in my normal wet, loose and fast way as the water just sits on the surface. So I am giving it another go!

Friday night: A new book so I sketched my palette as I always do on the first page. It is hard to believe… but this is the first time I have done one of these palette sketches shape first!

Saturday and Monday: Completely random page over two days. I was feeling a little overwhelmed on Monday, but am a lot more in control now! Doing a quick wee sketch is always a bit of a release when I am flat out like that – a bit of colour makes me happy. And more significantly re-reading what I wrote in the morning makes me realise what is really important in life!  BTW this A5 format makes my sketchbook feel more like a journal than a landscape format book does.

Tuesday: A leisurely sketch while having lunch with Evelyn Yee from Melbourne. Trying to wind down from a morning Edges filming session…

…. chatting and taking it easy, so I was just sketching randomly without my plan.

Wednesday: Had too much work to do (review Lesson 1 handout)  to pull my paints out, but couldn’t have a sketchless visit to Sparrow – my favourite cafe in Crows Nest. It was a quick visit between appointments.

Today: Oh ah! First time drawing a new cup is very exciting!!!! This is my ‘Edges cup’ bought to demonstrate important edge decisions I make when I sketch! Not going to reveal any more of the design of the cup till lesson 2 ?of Edges.

BTW I am using my favorite brush Ser 772 dagger from ?Rosemary Brushes. Whilst the brush is not required for the course…but I can confirm that there will be at least one demo when I do use it!!! I am still discovering new ways to use it… LOVE it!

SketchingNow Online Sketching Courses: Foundations Self Directed course start today!


  • Jennifer Branch says:

    I love your idea about starting a new sketchbook with a palette sketch. Interesting to see the changes through the years!

  • Oh that cookie looks just so yummy!

  • artepacja says:

    Hi Liz, I'm having the same fealing as you but the other way around. I'm used to sketch in A5 portrait books and now I'm sketching in a A5 landscape moleskine. I do like the paper but I'm having some difficult to get use to the landscape format (I believe my mind is absolutely confused). Thanks for sharing your process, thoughts and sketches. Can't wait to start your Edges course. I'm already learning a lot, as always!

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